Role of Education in National Development   Leave a comment

The role of education is very important in a nations economic and national development. The possession of an educational degree provides many opportunities for an individual. A person with a college education has the chance to enter a professional work force, with the sufficient amount of knowledge to be successful at their job. The educational degree provides an individual with a chance to accomplish his or her goals at work. The person can even be offered promotions due to their outstanding work effort. A college degree can provide a person with enough knowledge to work overseas and help expand a company or business, or even have chance to change the world. The effect of education would have an impact of the change in population growth, national culture, and certain environmental factors. The progress of a society can be judged by its educational institutions. A country that wants to develop nationally must possess people who are sufficient and knowledgeable to bring the country forward. Many of the greatest people in the United States such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Bill Gates have helped bring this country forward through their own educational knowledge.


Posted March 21, 2011 by niketa311

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